Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 27 3rd June 2011 (Day 19 in the school)

0800 – 0835 Grade 5 & 6

I taught 4 types of sentences that they could use in the class:

May I go to the toilet?

May I wash my hands?

Could you please lend me your pen?

Could you please do me a favor?

I picked their number randomly and pair up between Grade 5 & 6 accordingly. They have to pick their sentences later to finish their short sketch. For the 35 minutes, we managed to let everyone of them to have the chance to practice. Hopefully they will use it in English class. =)

0930 – 1010 Grade 6

They practise the graduation speech for a while. They so much improvement on this! I am really glad even though they still need some practice. I told them the story of independence of Malaysia, my journey of learning English as well as my backgrounds and education system in Malaysia. Hopefully I could make an impact on them.

1010 – 1030 Grade 4 à cancelled

Both teacher and I forgot about this class. By the way, it seems like they have their own homework to follow up too. Hmm…

1030 – 1110 Grade 3 (Alone)

I revise the vocabulary for the Spelling Test with them. This time, I am alone. I have to reveal the truth that I am able to speak Mandarin to them. Some of the kids shocked. Haha… It’s funny to see Kevin’s expression as he did like he got a heart attack. Some other kids said: I knew Teacher Sun could speak Mandarin. Of course in Mandarin. =) A beside Kevin said: Teacher Sun, please don’t speak Mandarin any more, he is going to get heart attack very soon. LMAO!! They are so funny. There is another girl who sat at the middle back, I remember the first time when I entered the class, she was the first one who said “Why she speaks Mandarin? I can’t understand at all!” but now, she says “Teacher Sun, speak English please.” In fact before this, she already took her initiative to ask me to pronounce this and that sentence. I am so touched by her. She’s really interested in English now, I guess. =) (Look into the sky for one minute to celebrate for this.) This makes me feel like I am more energetic to work harder to get them to like English.

1120 – 1200 Grade 3 (With Judy)

We did the introduction of the shapes. We took the advantage of the online computer in the class to teach them. They are into it. This is the website:

1310 – 1350 Grade 4 English (With Judy)

Again, we used the web site to teach them the vocabularies in the stories. They have to jot down the words they saw and say it out to the host (also student) on the stage to get their marks. Once there is a person accumulates 3 points, we will end the game.

1450 – 1525 Grade 5 English (With Judy)

Story books from the web site. I can see that they show less interest on English compared to cultural class and lower grades. Hopefully I can do something on it.

After school: Oops, now only I know that I left my money in the room. = =

I have to ask Teacher Judy to send me to the convent to take it. Fortunately it was along the way to Dong An Elementary School to pick Huikey and Medha. This is the 3rd time Judy offers us a ride to Hsinchu City.

We didn’t manage to go to NCTU or the trainee house. There is no one in the trainee house to open the door for us. I brought a huge cake from the principal; actually everyone in the school has it. Unfortunately I was too full with the rice dumplings. I even forgot to take the photo of it. = =.

Finally, we asked Teacher Judy to drop us at Dong Men Elementary School, which is near to the Che Kai’s Mum’s restaurant 御香凉麵. This time we manage to pay for the “cold noodles” made by Che Kai. We waited for Hunsa (LeHui) to meet us. Then we had fun with facebook crazily. Haha… The restaurant is full with customers while it was dinner time. Che Kai has to lend his laptop for us. Or else, we will bug him with our camera while he’s serving the customers. He’s really the “catalyst” to boost up the noodles sales rate as the girl students always look at her while he was busy serving for other customers. ;)

After the dinner time, Che Kai finally can free himself to take us to the Glass Museum. I went there on foot and we could have a snap on the train! =)

By the way, it’s a little creepy to walk along the way to the Glass Museum as there are a few areas that are quite dark and with fewer crowds. Hu~~~ (Wind) Luckily there are five of us. =)

We went to the Glass Museum to snap photos and of course our favorite, chatting. Haha… Since Che Kai is the BTG team leader, we talk about our teaching experience in the school. BTG (Bridge the Gap—The project’s name) Gang. Now only I realize.

Che Kai’s mum was really kind. She served us very well and kept feeding us with yellow watermelon. Medha was so amazed with the yellow watermelon. LoL…

As a whole, we had a really crazy time that night as we did prank call to Bill, as what we plan by Che Kai’s phone. Haha… This is definitely something unexpected for Bill, I guess. Nothing, we just want to express our gratitude towards the CTLC AIESECers. At the Glass Museum, we jumped for Don’t –Know-How-Many times to take the photo with everyone jumping. Finally, we failed. =.=

We reached the trainee house at almost 12am. We met up with Ming Foong, Kar May, Lokesh as well as David, ChienLin (aka Xiao B), Mike and Charles. Mike was acting very funny that day. This is something amazed me again! =O

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