Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 26 (Day 18 in the school)

I have to mention that the bus driver recognized me! I was searching for my coins to pay the bus fare and the driver already finish keying in my destination without me telling him! I’m surprised!

The bus driver starts recognizing me.

0800 – 0820 A short introduction of Malaysian Culture.

I am still blurred whether how many percentage of Mandarin I should include in the presentation. I can’t do it much for the whole session which covers till 0835 as there will be another presentation done by the national bird park and they have to decorate the place before the 0900 presentation.(國立鳳凰谷鳥園) Even though it was a short presentation, I feel finally I can do at least once, the Malaysian cultural session to the whole school students. I got a few feedbacks from the teachers, I shall include more Mandarin as the teachers couldn’t even understand my speech well, at least the version of Mandarin after every English sentence. With the feedbacks, I think I’m able to do better next time.

0900 – 1200 National Bird Park Show Time

A video was played during the session and hosted by an officer from the park, 蚊子哥哥 Bother Mosquito. Haha, I don’t know is this the correct translation. By the way, just take it temporarily.

I knew a lot from the video played. I know that the magpie is the significant animal in Taiwan. It’s blue in color and it has a lot of habits which other bird types don’t have. Want to know more?

Wikipedia it then. =D By the way, the kids start to feel weird that I am able to understand the content of the video.

1310 – 1350 Grade 6 English

à Cancelled as Director Chung has to cover the discussion of their test paper with them.

1450 – 1525 Grade 5 Cultural Class

Grade 5 is the only class that I manage to talk so much about the Malaysian and Penang history. I told them about our people, artists, story and so much of other related things. This is the only time that they are able to listen to me quietly. I feel definitely 40 minutes are not enough to express all I have known about Malaysia to them. I love Grade 5 class, especially the cultural class. I use Mandarin to tell them the story of Malaysia as they knew it long time ago I can speak Mandarin. Haha… Only lower grades are not really sure of it.

It’s a rainy day. We can’t go to the night market. We ate our dinner brought from the school after Jinfang sent me back to the convent. Sleep early today.

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