Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 30 (One Day trip in Nan Liao)

Before we depart, we shared some thoughts in the room. I was so surprised that Madelyn was not picked up by her TN Manager in the airport. It was definitely a tragedy for me, an ICXer. She even can’t have her luggage settled down for the 3rd Day in Taiwan! I am truly surprised by the efficiency of the Local Committee in Taipei. I feel sorry for her. Fortunately she is now with us. Moreover, she can’t get her VISA done because of the miss of action of her host LC in Taiwan. I truly feel pity for her.

Nan Liao, a place where you can cycle as far as you can and have a sight see-ing of fresh seafood, it is part of Hsinchu county. NTD 15 could take you from the city centre to the place.

We experience the strong winds and hot sun there as well. Well, I think it worth as we get to see the scenery that normally could only be seen in brochures.

I managed to catch the sunset there and it was definitely a must seen view by couples. Love it. =)

We have chatted so much on the bicycle (I’m not sure whether it’s a bicycle as it was a combination of 2 bicycles which could be rode by 2 persons.) Definitely I chatted a lot with Kar May. Ming Foong, Michael, Hunsa and Huikey are on another bike. They had a 4 person bike.

After the sunset, we went back at 7pm. I dislike the feeling of saying goodbye. It was really a miserable one when thinking of the EP leaving.

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