Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 31 (Day 20 in the school) Tuesday 7 June 2011

àShuiBianTou $23, picked up by WeiZhen, the pricipal’s wife. Yes, she is. She works in the school as teacher. =)

0800 – 0835 Malaysian Cultural Class to the whole school (57 students only la… =D)

Finally, I have the chance to finish my cultural class after got interruption last week. This time I conducted the session with 80% Mandarin with the slides 96% English. The kids could remember what I’ve said in Mandarin but couldn’t recall for the English words presented on the slide. Luckily, there is always a student who can say it out after I asked for so many times. I discover that the students like to answer questions so much in order to get the gifts from the speaker. This is one of the cultures I discover in Taiwan. Most of the speaker, hmmm, no! It should be all of the speakers I met here are using the same method!

1030 – 1110 Grade 4 English

We revise the textbook dialogues. Again, I went to their side, one by one, teach them how to pronounce the words and phrases. This really works! They are willing to raise up their hands to participate in the game. =)

1145 -1210 took a nap in the health centre.

Lunch. Then facebook, AIESEC mails follow ups, photos uploading of the Trainee Conference and NanLiao trip. Trust me! This could take you a whole afternoon especially when you’re back from a super tiring weekend!

04:30 Went back to the convent by JinFang’s ride. Nap till 7:00pm.

This is so ridiculous! I took so much nap!!!

Then I went to Jinfang’s house for dinner. Medha was too tired to go along while Huikey has a post-Nanliao effect (short say—headache la XD), so can’t go with me too. Jinfang came to pick me to her house to have porridge. She cooked sweet potato porridge and together we have some dishes to eat with. It was so hot yet I am lucky I am here with the teacher to enjoy the dinner with her kids, brother-in-law and her father-in-law.

After the dinner, we ate honeydew and then we were off to the mini night market in GuanXi.

It wasn’t far away from her house. I can see that the stalls were selling almost the same things like clothes, foods and games as in Malaysia. Just that they have a slightly variety of games could be played by the children.

We’re back to the convent then. Jinfang seriously is a good mother. Her kids shall have no regret to be her kids. Before going to the 7 Eleven to redeem the Doraemon fan, they went into the convent and have a look at our rooms. They get the chance to meet up with Sister Maria (孫修女) too. By the way, they share the same feeling as ours. We all feel that the convent is definitely much or more creepy, especially in the nights when lights off. After all, it’s convent right? So it wouldn’t be anything special or creepy. =D

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