Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 33 (Day 22 in the school) Thursday 9 June 2011

Again, a lucky day. Picked up by Brandon not long time after I went off from the bus.

I am a little frustrated with the VISA issue of EPs. On one hand, I have to make sure the EPs have at least 6 weeks internship and on the other hand I have to make sure there are people around to accompany to do VISA extension. This bugs me especially when the VP is not around for advice. Even though previous term VP appreciates my work especially I am still doing my AIESEC work when I am abroad, I think I am not doing great for the EP reception part. This is definitely something makes me feel bad. Luckily, when I think of AIESECers and EPs from CTLC and especially the messages from my beloved VPICX, I can finally tell myself I am still doing fine.

Just enjoy whatever I have now. By the way, the EPs are leaving soon one by one.
I am not sure whether I can cope with my emotions but I am sure I appreciate every single second I spent with them.

1120 – 1200 Grade 1 English Class

I taught 2 simple daily sentences:

May I go to the bathroom/toilet, please?

May I wash my hands, please?

The students were enjoying role playing of teachers and students. =D Glad to see that.

I can see there are 3 types of students out of the 6 students in the class.

1st type: know how to pronounce and confident with it.

2nd type: don’t really know how to pronounce but still confident in doing it.

3rd type: don’t really into the atmosphere of the class but yet somehow due to the participation of the whole class, they have to do it.

I am worried of the 3rd type.

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