Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 32 (Day 21 in the school) Wednesday 8 June 2011

-->ShuiBianTou $23, picked up by Brandon.

0930 – 1010 Grade 2 English (with Judy) Total phrases : 10

Learning Passport: A book they have it long time ago, with both the English and Mandarin translation of daily language. There is also a column after each phrases to let the teacher to verify their pronunciation. They will only get the signature either from Judy or me if they could make it for the pronunciation correctly.

Outcome: Most of them can pronounce the phrases correctly. Great. Some of them are eager to learn English after the class.

1030 – 1110 Grade 3 English (with Judy)

Learning Passport: Refer above.

Outcome: Obviously Grade 3 proceeds faster compared to Grade 2. However, Grade 3 syllabus covers longer sentences, thus it took more time to teach. I asked Jason, the cute boy to teach his friends. He’s so kind to lend me his hand. Love him. =)

1120 – 1200 Grade 6 English

Graduation Speech practice

Overall, no doubt, they put in their efforts and it paid off. They could read it so smooth and without my correction. Well done. Just that there is always an exceptional case, as there is a boy who didn’t even open his mouth either for English version or Mandarin version. I wonder what he is thinking… All in all, they really start to think of their future as I asked for their ambition and steps to achieve. They are really into it. =)

12pm Lunch

After lunch, I am a bit upset of the matching progress of my AIESEC work as well as the change of the weather. The weather makes me feel sleepy. No doubt, I slept for 1 hour in the office!

No one was there. Everyone was off for their leave and their project learning. Oh yeah, the teachers here they have to attend learning for further promotion.

I had an interview with an EP from Taiwan. His hometown is in TaoYuan. It’s so amazing that I sms him to arrange for interview time!

Today is a really hot day. That’s why I immediately do my laundry. =)

After dinner, again à Sleep…

Nothing could be done except sleeping in this hot weather.

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