Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 39 (Day 26 in the school) Wednesday 15 June 2011

-->ShuiBianTou, picked up by Director Chung.

0750 – 0835 Rehearsal of the graduation ceremony

0930 – 1010 Grade 2 English class – Learning Passport 2nd time (with Judy)

They were so keen to get the Judy’s and my verifications. My cute students! =)

1030 – 1110 Grade 3 (with Judy) Workbook session

1120 – 1155 Grade 6 (with Judy) Feedback, A->Z vocabs for each alphabets

0200 – 0300 Project learning with the teachers, hosted by a professor from the University of Education in Hsinchu. A great experience as we did a great job in a mini game which shows the privity amongst the teachers.

Brandon sent me back to the convent.

Four of us had dinner with the sisters in the convent. They were simple dishes but it was fulfilling. Here, I can sense how the sisters live their lives. There are no extra amusements, entertainments and noises. This is the place that I could live a healthy life style. We shared some cultures in our own countries with the sisters.

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