Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 44 Recount Day 1 (20 June 2011) Monday

Ming Foong’s leaving today. From her eyes, I can see she has no regrets for the internship. We shared a lot of things at the night. It’s my pleasure to know her. I flashed back the first time when I first saw her. So much to tell but I can’t write it here. =D

Then I headed to the trainee house to have sleep, the whole morning was sleeping as it was so hot to travel around. =.= So, I cancelled my initial plan to go to the school to visit the teachers and my lovely children.

I then travel to my cousin sister’s house by train. It didn’t take me so long, only 40 minutes. I love train. No traffic jam.

A truly fantastic day that I met up with my future EP from Taiwan, who will be going to Malaysia for exchange in this coming September. It was so fun to meet your EP before they go to your country. Trust me It is truly a good experience.

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