Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 47 Recount Day 4(23 June 2011) Thursday

Today is also the day I spent the whole day to sleep and trying so much to get recovered from the illness. I woke up for three times, each time 2 hours and spent my time chatting with friends. =) One of them is the lovely trainee we met here but she’s already in Malaysia, Kar May.

Claire, my cousin’s girl friend brought me to JhungLi Night Market by her scooter. It was so much food to eat there. However, it’s too bad I couldn’t bear with my cold and had no appetite to try the food. By the way, we played a game and tried the famous rice noodles with some side dishes. She is really nice to talk to, probably we have no gaps since she’s only one year older than me? =D I had diarrhea for 2 times after we came back from the night market! It is the first time I had diarrhea when I was on the road and I had to look for a toilet in the shops!! What a life changing experience we so called! XD Luckily the toilets here in the city are well equipped and you wouldn’t find anything that you need absent here.

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