Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 48 Recount Day 5(24 June 2011) Friday

I get better today and this is the time I shall depart to Taipei to meet Coco, a friend that had matched to LCUSM before. It’s such a miracle that I could meet her again in Taiwan. Today is the day she finishes her final exam. We met at Starbucks in the station; she came with another friend too. =)

We went to the post office. I had my sushi set there. =D

We went to her house. We walked along the road side in Taipei. Sounds romantic, isn’t it?

I spent my evening with Coco and her family. We had our oyster meal that day. Everything with oyster!!

I wonder how they could so friendly to me. They even send me to the trainee house in Hsinchu. The journey took us almost one hour from Taipei. I was so touched by their friendliness. I met Coco’s sister, Yoyo too. I was asked to speak English to her and pretend that I didn’t know Mandarin. Her sister has good command of English too. She was too surprised when I revealed the truth. On the way, Joyce called but I couldn’t answer her in Mandarin. That’s pretty weird, haha…

Joyce was so blurr that why I was speaking English to her. Sorry, Joyce! =D

A rainy night ended up spending with all the trainees in the house. =)

Even though the moment I reached the house, they had been almost finish discussing the details of the Global Village, I am glad that I could meet and spend my rest of the night with some of the CTLC AIESECers and my beloved trainees.

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