Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 53 Recount Day 10(29 June 2011) Wednesday

This is the last morning I could meet with Medha, Huikey and Thao. They came all long journeys from GuanXi to the city for my farewell party. T.T

I didn’t get to wake up at 5:30am to leave the house with them as I promised last night, but I managed to catch Hunsa who will be back to Thailand in the next day!! We were both so happy to meet each other since the day before she couldn’t attend the farewell dinner.

This is also the morning I wrote sugar cubes to the people I have met in CTLC, the AIESECers. I couldn’t tell how much I love them. I didn’t know will I miss them either. At the moment, I feel that I am lucky enough to have them as my host in Taiwan. The day was so hot and my heart was warm when I thought of them and what to write to them in the sugar cubes.

After finished writing the sugar cubes, I passed them to Hunsa. She sent me to the bus stop.

She is the first and the last trainee I met in Taiwan! See how the fate bonds us together. ;)

This reminds me what Ming Foong said, I am the one who spent the first night and the last night with her in Taiwan. From here, we shall know how the mysterious power works among us. =)

She is the type of girl that if you know her longer, you wouldn’t be able to leave her.

She is the kind of girl if she doesn’t with you, you will miss her.

Yes, I met this kind of girl. That’s why I say I am lucky.

In the airport, I met Howard and Tomo. Both Madelyn and I spend our last 2 hours with them in the airport.

In the plane, I met a girl from Malaysia and we chatted for the second half of the jouney.

In the airport, I met a guy from Germany who studies in University of Cambridge came Malaysia for a study trip together with his tourmates. He looks similar with my friend, Dan whom I met in Taiwan.

-The End-

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