Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 25 (Day 17 in the school)

0755-0815 An English class with Grade 3&4 students.

This is one of the classes that I enjoy the most to teach. This probably due to the age of the students as they are considered mature enough and most important thing is they have the curiosity to learn new things. I am so happy that they could give me big response when I was teaching. I must say they are so cute. Apart from that, some of the students knew that I could speak Mandarin. This is interesting, hey.

The class ended early because there was an accident happened yesterday in 六福村Amusement Park, and Brandon, the 科任gave a speech on that case. He asked the students to be careful while playing in the playground or amusement park, and don’t ever cross the line. They are totally not allowed to play along the river too. Director Chung came up too and mentioned a case happened in the school yesterday; the kids shall not cross the line while making fun of their friends.

0930 – 1010 Grade2 English Class

I did the class alone as Judy was called to accompany a nutritionist to the kitchen to have a look.

It was not a great one as the kids are not really paying attention when a kid was asked to present in front. I shall thought of other ways to improve their interests of English as well as the atmosphere in the class.

1030 – 1110 Grade 3 English Class

Again, we did the Guessing Game in the class with Judy and a short sketch in the book.

However, the kids are out of control and they couldn’t help with shouting to have their own characters. Judy asked me to talk to them, I told them not to shout as it hurts our vocal cords.

Definitely they didn’t understand what I’ve said. With the translation of Judy, they seemed they understand. Hopefully they will behave better in the next class.

1120 – 1155 Grade 6 Graduation Speech (Judy + MeiZhou)

After few classes of practicing the speech, three of them in the class (3 out of 10 in the class) finally can get to read the speech very well. However, there are words that they can’t really pronounce correctly. Their home teacher, MeiZhou even called to the office to ask me to correct their pronunciation. I tried my best to correct them one by one. I really hope the students can speak English with energetic eye contacts one day. For now, I could only see 4 to 5 of them who are willing to learn to speak.

MeiZhou thanked me for correcting their pronunciation. I am so happy but yet I wish to tell her this is the reason I come to Taiwan. It’s my main job description. I didn’t manage to tell her anyway as she seemed busy and rush to her work after she told me this.

1200 Lunch (again)

Afternoon: The teachers went for an event out of school. This is an event in charged by our elementary school so most of the teachers went out for the event. A few teachers stayed back in the school. Director Tian sent me back this time. Thanks him. =)

0430 Dinner with Medha and Huikey again.

We did a very crazy thing starting today as we edited the photos and finally did prank calls to people from CTLC. I would say this is the craziest thing I have ever made in the internship while you don’t have any Internet access and other entertainments. We did this, basically because we thank them for spending their time with us.

How lucky we are to be matched to CTLC.

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