Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 49 Recount Day 6(25 June 2011) Saturday

This is the day for the second Global Village during my internship.

This time, we hold it in Dong An Elementary School, the school where Huikey and Medha have their internship.

Or in other words, the school is just 15 minutes walking journey from my previous living plave, the convent. =)

I was quite excited for the Global Village event as I could meet up with the lovely AIESECers again and spend my day with them.

I meet Director Chung and Jinfang for the last time today, even though it was a rainy day…

Luckily I managed to pass all the sugar cubes for the teachers in the school to Jinfang. Thanks Jinfang for distributing them. Even though she wouldn’t online and read it here, I am still grateful that she managed to meet me up.

The Global Village is much more organized compared to the first time. The schedule is much more on time. =)

Moreover, we just have to present for 4 times instead of 6 times of our materials. We taught them the famous Malay song - Rasa Sayang and share some cultures and food.

I was too excited to see some of the children from my school joined this event.

They were so serious to listen to me and could answer the questions asked. I love them.

It’s tonight; we went to the Qinghua Night Market with Joyce and Mindi. We managed to try the famous soybean drink, Yong He Soy Bean 永和豆漿. After that, we walked back to the trainee house and had fun playing UNO and Mafia War with Chen-Chi, the only AIESECer that could show up tonight.

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